Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Wonderful weekend

Well I am back after what was a wonderful weekend. It started a little sadly because Tim woke up on Friday too ill and giddy to travel down to Somerset with us so it was with much trepidation that Alex and I set off alone. Alex was a total star despite the pretty grim traffic conditions, sitting in his car seat beside me and either watching the world go by or sleeping for most of it. When we arrived at Barr House, my parents home, we had a gentle walk around the garden with Mother, Nel (my sister-in-law) and Daniel (my 8 week old nephew). It was soo nice to get out of the car and into the fresh country air! My nephew Daniel looking very cute on his changing mat!

Saturday saw Andy (my brother), Dad, Mother and myself sorting out our old playroom, dismantling the enormous Hornby railway set, and clearing out so much rubbish it is not true. What was interesting was that I found some of my early scrapbooks (holiday diaries from trips abroad) and old school projects which I decided to keep for posterity.
My school projects from when I was 11!

Gran also arrived on Saturday afternoon and Alex thought she was hillarious...he had the most wonderful set of giggles while she was playing with him. This continued with my Mother.
Giggles with Great Gran and Grandma!

We tried putting Alex and Daniel on the same playmat together which was the greatest of fun. Daniel hit Alex, which didn't bother him, and Alex tried to hold Daniel's hand. What is interesting is that although the two babies are very different, you can tell that they are related - it is going to be interesting to see how closely the family resemblance continues as they grow up.
Friends already!

It was soo nice to spend time with my family and we had a lovely family walk in the early evening, then a meal of Roast Beef and Yorkshire pudding followed by plum crumble (using fresh plums from the hedgerow) and topped off with a game of cards in the evening. It was a lovely family day as these pictures all show.
Setting out on our walkA gentle family walk down the lane!
Alex sat on my lap watching Juno the dog...
...while Daniel slept peacefully in Nel's arms.

On Sunday I took Alex to meet Robin and Hilary Bush, friends that I have known all my life. Hilary and Alex got on like a house on fire, and their dogs thought he was wonderful, trying to lick his feet! I haven't seen Hilary for nearly two years so it was wonderful to catch up in person rather than over the phone.
Alex having a wonderful cuddle with Hilary while being watched by Beth the dog!

Sunday lunch was a BBQ in my brothers honour as it will be his 30th on Thursday. Two of my three aunts, Lavinia and Daphne, came to lunch as did Nel's Auntie Roe, and some more family friends, Simon and Louise. It was a wonderfully lively lunch with loads of chatting, alongside much laughter and merriment. The two young boys were beautifully well behaved and tolerated being passed around everyone very well. It was also nice that Mother and Nel both were wearing the necklaces that I had made for them and I got a commission for one more for Aunt Lavinia!
Dad drinking his beer at the BBQ
Bother and sister - Andy and myself
Aunt Lavinia keeping Alex beautifully entertained

Giggles with Grandma!
A lovely family group. Nel, Andy and Daniel

The BBQ was followed by Birthday cake on the lawn (complete with candles) with the babies playing on a mat under the tree, for which we were joined by my cousin, Tamsin and two friends. Everyone left shortly after this leaving us to have a nice gentle and lazy evening reading and chatting.
Andy and his Birthday cake!
The two boys playing in the sun!
Afternoon tea in the garden
Monday morning saw me packing up the car again ready to travel back after lunch. It was sad to leave everyone, but wonderful to see Tim again as I had really missed him. What was really sweet was seeing Alex's reaction to Tim...he was so excited to see him again and kept smiling and gurgling at him and would instantly turn his head towards Tim whenever they were both in the same room. It was lovely to see. All in all I had a wonderful weekend.



Momiji said...

beautiful set of photos Caro! looks like you had a great time.the one of you with your brother is lovely too.thanks for sharing!

LazyKay said...

Lovely pics Caro - you all look so happy. Lovely to see the little ones together - another one for the scrap book and fancy finding your old books and diary pages - you see, you were journalling even then!