Sunday, 19 August 2007

On the move!

Alex that is and not us! We put him onto his playmat on the floor and then a while later we discovered that he was no longer on the mat but partway across the floor. He doesn't do it very fast and it is by wriggling and not rolling, but it is so funny to watch as he looks so pleased with himself. We had him in fits of giggles on and off all day today which was just as well because he has been stuck inside yet again today as the weather was soo miserable. I want some sun! Today saw us catching up on some essential jobs including cutting Tim's hair (a number one all over) which looks soo much better. We have started weaning Alex and today he demolished half a jar of ready made baby food at one sitting. This is a huge relief as he wont take milk from a bottle so needs to be able to eat something when I go back to work. I now have a recipe book to make our own purees etc for him which we will be trying over the coming weeks. He is developing and growing so fast at the moment and loves trying to stand while we hold him so we have been putting him in the door bouncer a bit more, which he enjoys.
I got time to make another couple of ATCs today using the same techniques as two of yesterdays, just with different stamps. This first one was stamped using pretty colour inks and made to look like a water colour by running a blender pen over the stamped image. The image was then layered onto card and embellished with ribbon and a 'jewel' flower.
This second ATC used Whisper pens to colour in white card, then images were clear embossed on top and black pen was run over the top of that. The card was layered onto a yellow background and some stickers/peel offs added. These are available for swaps should anyone want them.

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Anonymous said...

I love the blue flower that you have made a water colour effect with. What a lovely stamp.

Angie (Weasel CM&P)