Wednesday, 22 August 2007

A great day - lunching and crafting!

Today was a good day. Although the day started cold and grey, by the time I got back from my lunch out the sun was shining...always a mood brightener! Alex and I went and had lunch with my boss, Nicky, and another work friend, Zoe, who is currently on maternity leave with her baby due a week today. Zoe's daughter Imogen (aged 2) kept us all highly amused throughout the meal, while Alex slept peacefully for about 40 minutes. When Alex woke up he charmed the two elderly ladies at the next table by grinning at them and gurgling away. It was lovely to have a good girlie lunch and to catch up with my friends. Alex has also discovered the 'horsey' game whereby he is jogged on my knee at different speeds (walk, trot, canter and gallop) and then 'falls off'. He thought this was wonderful and laughed loads whenever he got to gallop and the falling off. He has such an infectious laugh.
Todays crafting experiment was an ATC using the 'resist' technique of stamping. Others have explained this better elsewhere but briefly, you stamp your image onto gloss paper using Versamark, dry the image thoroughly then sponge over the card using waterbased dye inks (in this case Kaleidacolor) - your stamped images should show through, stamp with colours and you are finished. I decided to try and represent Autumn (one of my favourite seasons) by doing a leaf stamp. I am quite pleased with this, my first attempt, but I think that it needs a bit of practice to improve.
I also had time to make 'I is for ice-cream' for the Alphabet swap. I am quite pleased with the way the glitter glue works as the strawberry sauce on the Cornetto and the original 50s style poster in the background. Makes me want an ice-cream! More tomorrow.

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LazyKay said...

Lovely work again Caro - I take my hat off to you - you must be so organised to fit crafting, life AND a baby in.