Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Crafting and Rolling Over

Today was a landmark in Alex's development...he managed to roll over by himself for the first time. He has been trying to roll over since we got back from Somerset, just over a week ago. Today saw him actually achieve it, rolling from his tummy onto his back. He can't quite manage it the other way round although his efforts lead him to move around on the floor a lot...he managed to move over 2 feet this afternoon! It was great fun watching him, although he did get a bit frustrated from time to time. I think we are going to have to baby proof the study a little sooner than expected. He uses the cross over things on his playmat/baby gym to help pull him along as shown in this photo. It was an entertaining way to spend a wet and miserable day.
While Alex was busy entertaining himself I generated loads of ATCs ready for swapping. All the ATCs on todays post are available to swap should anyone want them. This first lot uses the same technique as previously and uses the stamps from the Stamps Away range ( The animals were stamped using StazOn black ink and then coloured in using Whispers brush pens, while the ferns were stamped with PrettyColor ink pads.
This second set of ATCs also used the Whispers Brush pens and either freebie stamps (the butterfly card) or the Daisy Stamp from the Stamps Away range.
This final set is an oriental one, both stamps from the Stamps Away range, printed onto glossy card using black StazOn ink. I hope you enjoy these and let me know if you want any. More news tomorrow.

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