Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Gardening and clothes!

An odd combination I know, but this is what I have been doing over the past two days. Yesterday saw me out in the garden again, still digging out the weeds of the same flowerbed (3/4 of the way through now). Alex sat in his ring and gurgled away to himself while I did it and kept me highly entertained. I really can't wait to get the garden properly sorted so that I can see what shrubs and plants we have and can decide what to get. Having taken advice from my Mother, what I need to do is dig out all the weeds, and then 'double dig' and weedkill the beds to treat them ready for introducing shrubs next year. I don't know if I have the energy to do that in all the beds, but I will do my best. There are a few flowers out in the garden as shown in these photos and the fact that Alex enjoyes being out in the fresh air makes it all worth while.
Today Tim took me clothes shopping...the aim was to look for an outfit for the wedding we are going to on Saturday. My preferred wedding outfit is a lovely pink flowery dress, but I can't wear that while breast feeding so we were on the hunt for a skirt and top combination. We went only to one shop and came out with 5 skirts, 2 trousers, 4 shirts and 1 cardigan! This did include a lovely outfit for the wedding. My excuse is that it is a discount store, half of it used up my left over Birthday and Christmas money from last year and that Tim insisted on me getting the rest! It is great to be back down to my pre-pregnancy size again. All this, however, meant that I had to sort out my wardrobe so I had space to fit them all in, which took up most of the rest of the day. I have three bin bags full ready for our local charity shop.
I also managed to make two wedding cards ready for the wedding on Saturday, one is for us to give the bride and groom, and the other is for my brother to give them. Both cards have a similar colour scheme and used the same sticker pack. This first one used Basic Grey backing paper, congratulations printed onto paper of a similar tone, copper coloured card with little stars on it, red ribbon, red and yellow patterned Basic Grey paper and the central panel made by colouring gloss card with Adirondack butterscotch ink before attaching the sticker.
The second card is much simpler, using three stickers to make the central panel, layered onto some gloss card coloured with Adirondack butterscotch ink and edged in red ink, then layered onto some more Basic Grey paper. The card was finished off by edging with deep red ink and adding two further stickers. I hope they like them.
More soon,


Momiji said...

hi Caro..Yes, I would love that atc in the last entry.the canvas is almost finished now and I will send you a pic if you pm me your email address.
I have been busy teaching a group at vision support.I showed them how to make paper lavender sachets and they loved them...if you want the patterns I will give you a link....

LazyKay said...

Lovely wedding cards and those flower photos are beautiful, ideal for making cards.

Down to below pre-pregnancy weight eh? Well, that shows how good breast feeding is for Mum as well as baby.

Well done. Don't forget to show us pics of you at the wedding will you.