Thursday, 16 August 2007

A mixed day

Now that both Tim and myself are feeling a little more human (still not 100% but definitely improved) we set out to do something about the state of our house. However, partway through the hoovering we discovered that the drive belt in our new hoover has broken rendering it pretty useless, giving us the perfect excuse to give up on that. Moreover, when I went to put the washing on this morning I discovered the machine was half full of grimy, greasy washing up water so I had to do an 'empty' wash to wash the machine itself...very frustrating. However, the rest of the day was better...having been fed up with being cooped up inside due to the rain and illness over the past few days we decided to make a break for it and went for a lovely walk in between the showers. We are so fortunate that there are loads of really nice walks only 5 minutes from us despite living only 10 minutes from the centre of Sheffield, and today we did a short circular walk through the woods by a stream. About half way round we discovered this monument to one of Sheffields 'Ancestors of Steel'. Alex wasn't particularly impressed although he did seem to enjoy the walk itself, cooing and gurgling away and watching the sunlight in the trees.
I have really got into the oriental theme recently for ATCs so today I used the fan stamp to generate another Oriental ATC. This time I stamped onto pale gold pearly card using StazOn ink and then coloured the stamp using glitter gel pens. This was layered onto a background generated from some images I found on the web with the outside of the fan on foam to make the fan stick up at an angle. I am not entirely satisfied with this ATC....I think that the little image in the bottom righthand corner isn't quite strong enough, but other than that it seems to work quite well. It is available for swapping if anyone wants to.


Momiji said...

ooooh!! yes please ..I would love that one.would you like oriental theme too?

Caro said...

Hi Momiji. You are welcome to this one...did you see the ones up for swaps in the previous post as well? I would love oriental in return.

Anonymous said...

Love the oriental fan and the beautiful complimentary colours

Angie (Weasel CM&P)