Monday, 20 August 2007


This is a short post today as when I bent down this morning to pick Alex up I put my back out. Consequently I am in a fair bit of pain and have found it difficult to do things today. We did however go and look at our first nursery...we are thinking of putting Alex into nursery one day a week to give Tim a break. We quite liked the look of this is within walking distance of work and only 10 minutes from home by car. We will be looking at others before making a decision though. Apart from that we did a family shop and spent the day at home. Alex was very funny as he has discovered that if he kicks on the floor he makes a lot of noise and he has now started doing this a lot and giving huge grins at the same time. It makes the most amazing racket when you are on the floor underneith and gave me quite a shock the first time! I managed to do a little crafting today and made 'G is for Giraffe' for the CM&PC forum ATC Alphabet swap. The Giraffe is a Stamps Away stamp and was stamped onto card, coloured, cut out and then mounted onto the background using 3D foam stamps. More tomorrow I hope

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