Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Feeding success

Today for the first time, Alex managed to go nearly 6 hours without needing to be breast fed! This was a major breakthrough as he wont take milk from a bottle, however, he did take milk from a training cup and what with a better mouth-to-spoon reaction leading to him eating 'solids' such as baby rice at an amazing rate, it seems that he and Tim will be able to cope OK while I am at work which is a huge relief. Alex loves playing on his playmat/baby gym but does get fed up after a while and likes to sit up so this picture is of him sitting on the floor propped up by cushions. He is actually looking at Tim who was playing with him at the time.
One way or another I didn't manage to get much time to do crafting today, although I did order some goodies on-line and start to think about what I want for my birthday! The one ATC I did manage to make was 'H is for Hat'. The background paper used an image I found on the net and duplicated and the letter H has a clipart image of a hat repeated on it.
I had a lovely treat today in the form of a beautiful ATC entitled 'Wings' from Barbara Williams. This is stunning and has a lovely glittery effect on parts of the stamp. More tomorrow,

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LazyKay said...

Oh, love that wings one and the other also.

My children wouldn't take a bottle either after being breast fed but Alex is obviously ready to graduate to other methods so, as you say, much relief for you.