Thursday, 5 July 2007

Little things please little minds

...or so I have been told. I got terribly excited today over the simplest expanding folder in which I can finally organise all my peel offs and stickers. For the first time I was able to categorise them and spent a happy half hour looking through them all and organising them while Alex played in his baby gym. It is the first step towards sorting out my craft area which is utter chaos. It was bad before Alex was born, but has got steadily worse as I have less time for crafting and resent time spent tidying up instead of getting on with crafting. However, I have set a personal tidy my desk so that I can actually see the wood before I do another scrapbook page or trading card. Watch this space!
I received another treasure through the post this morning in the form of a beautiful opening butterfly ATC from Janet Matthews (CM&PC forum name Piglet). This unusual card has become a speciality of hers and, although she didn't know it when she made the card, one of my favourite colour combinations in burgandy, cream and gold. How good is that. The two photos are of the ATC with the butterful closed and then the butterfly open to show the details inside. That's all for to try and persuade my baby boy that 7pm is a sensible bedtime for a 3 month old. More tomorrow.


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Tassycrafty said...

I love this idea of opening the card with a trifold! fantastic!