Saturday, 8 September 2007

Chinese food!

Well I know I keep mentioning it but with me going back to work on Monday, Tim decided to treat me today and so we went out for a Chinese at lunchtime. We went to the Candy Town in the centre of Sheffield as they were very relaxed about Alex being there. There were four other groups in the restaurant and they all had babies! Although Alex didn't go to sleep until the very end of the meal and was slightly fractious, on the whole he was very well behaved and had his very first tastes of Chinese food - mostly squashed rice. He seemed to quite like licking my finger with sweet and sour sauce on it and had a couple of sips of Chinese tea. It was a lovely set menu and the crispy aromatic duck and the sweet and sour pork were particularly yummy. I very much enjoyed being out as a family and was a very special treat.
Alex's 'solid' food meal today was mashed up peas. This was so funny as he was in a very giggly mood while he was eating and kept getting fits of giggles with his mouth full so he looked like some sort of swamp monster (Tim's expression, not mine!). Yes, that is pea on his ear in this photo!! Today we dressed him in jeans which are supposed to be for 3-6 month old babies...they are far too big for him, not in length, but in girth! When we pick him up, he is in danger of losing them. He is looking more and more like a little boy and less like a baby these days.
I have managed to do a little crafting today, although many of the experiments didn't work very well. I am, however, pleased with this card as it is a lovely bright and cheerful one. The background was made with smudging red and yellow ink that I have had for years onto glossy paper and then spritzing with large quantities of water and then placing another piece of glossy paper on top to transfer the inks to that. I then stamped the butterfly images over that and mounted it onto a red card. The central butterfly image was embossed with red embossing powder and then coloured in using glitter gel pens and the word butterfly added with red ink, and then this panel mounted on red card. Finally the red angel kiss flower and yellow flower brad were added.

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