Monday, 10 September 2007

Survived it!

We all survived my first day back at work. Alex and Tim had a good morning and Alex ate half a pot of baby food mid-morning, and played in his door bouncer, and baby gym and then had a little nap later on. I popped back at lunchtime to breast feed him and then Tim gave him a bottle mid-afternoon. He actually took 4floz from a bottle (a bit of a breakthrough for us). My day at work was a bit chaotic as I had to move office, so much of the day was spent moving furniture and large quantities of files and slides, and catching up with the progress of my students. I also started to wade through my 2,567 e-mails! I don't go in again until Wednesday when I hope to get some more detailed work done. This evening I have been playing with Alex and we are going to have a take-away and watch a movie as I am really tired from the rest of the day. More tomorrow when hopefully I will get some crafting done.

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LazyKay said...

Well done Caro - day one over with.

Must have been a wrench.