Sunday, 9 September 2007

Last day of freedom!

OK, OK, I exaggerate. It isn't that bad really! I will only be working two days this week, Monday and Wednesday, but it does feel like it. So to make the most of it we went for a lovely walk this morning in Endcliffe park, stopping for yet another Bradwells ice cream. I went for tofee & banana and Strwberries and cream with a flake...a special treat. I just love the fact that we were able to get so close to this moorhen, isn't it a beautiful bird? Other than that I have spent the day doing a bit of organising getting things ready for tomorrow and making sure that Tim has everything that he will need for looking after Alex. I am a bit concerned about the two of them, but have to face facts, Tim is a grown man and is perfectly capable of looking after his own son. I am only a phone call away after all. My latest crafty mess has all been tidied away and I feel like things are now under control.
Alex has been really quite amusing, he found his wooden rattle and was waving it around, hitting himself with it, and got a complete fit of the giggles while he was doing it which was lovely to see. He chatters quite a lot and is very active, wriggling and kicking and playing with various toys. Instead of doing much crafting today I spent the time playing with Alex, making up for the fact that I am not going to see as much of him tomorrow.
The little bit of crafting I did today was to make an ATC using some of the green and yellow inked background that I made and stamping it with the Flowers sign from my paperartsy stamp and the Stamps Away rose, then edged it with the same black StazOn ink and finally added two pewter flower brads. Quite a simple ATC, but very effective.
Yesterday I received two lovely ATCs in the post from Momiji and didn't have time to scan them in until now. They are based on a Japanese character called Mamegoma and a really sweet. The pockets contain different things, one contains a note to me and the other contains a large Mamegoma. These are probably among the most unique of my ATCs.

Anyway, must go now. Wish me luck for tomorrow,

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LazyKay said...

Have you taped him laughing and 'talking' Caro - it's lovely to listen to years later - especially when they reach teen age years and seem to lose the power of speech!