Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Organisation and fun

Yesterday was another work day and the busiest one so far. However, it was good as I had an hour long meeting with my boss, Nicky, to discuss where the different projects had got to while I was off, and what the immediate plans are. I then went on to draw up a 10 page summary document for my own use detailing everything helping me to remember all the different signalling pathways that we are currently researching in breast cancer. I have a grant application to write before the end of October as my most pressing work project as well as an article to review for the International Journal of Experimental Pathology. The busy day was made very special by the fact that Alex behaved like a star...he was smiley and happy and giggling before I left for work and was chatty and fun over lunch and then in the evening was the perfect angel baby boy who smiled and played with me for an hour before going into his bedtime routine.

Alex has been so happy and bright over the past few days and he has been so amusing. His latest favourite game is to sit in his bouncy chair and wriggle and violently kick his legs which causes him to bounce up and down. This in turn makes him smile, chat and on occasion giggle. He is still trying to roll over and in the space of 30 minutes today had rolled over 6 times getting stuck each time! We also had the messiest feed ever today which was a pot of petit filou...it went everywhere, all over me, Tim, Alex, the sofa and the floor...in some ways I think it is almost too runny for him. It was highly entertaining though. Today has mostly been a sorting out day as we went to the pharmacy, the butchers, the post office, the fruit and veg shop and the local costcutter, all with Alex carried on my front in the baby bjorn.
I have managed to do a little crafting today in the form of this quite simple, but effective ATC entitled unimaginatively 'red dragon'. The background is red, black and gold swirly paper which I mounted onto card and then edged with gold embossing powder. I stamped the dragon image in red onto white scrap paper and tore round the edges and then finally added a hand drawn Chinese character. Work again tomorrow, so no more crafting until Thursday at the earliest.

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