Thursday, 20 September 2007

Rolling and giddyness

The past two days have been very different from each other. Yesterday was a work day and was totally exhausting...I had numerous meetings in different parts of the hospital where I work as well as loads of paperwork to do. I have really got up to date now and from next week will be cracking on with the immediate projects as well as supervision of my team (1 postdoc, 1 technician, 4 students). Having only had about 4 hours sleep on Tuesday night, by the time I got home on Wednesday I was shattered and didn't really achieve very much other than playing with and feeding fact when he was in bed we decided to collapse and watch a very silly teen movie (courtesy of sky plus) and had a lovely meal in front of the tv, of lamb and mint pie (bought at the weekend Fayre), gravy, mashed potatoes and fresh peas followed by strawberries and cream.
In contrast today we went out for a walk, went shopping, hoovered the study (which hadn't been done for simply ages), I tidied my craft area, played with Alex, and even had time for a little crafting. Alex has been hillarious as every time he was put down on the floor in his baby gym he would roll onto his tummy and the get stuck and yell to be turned over again. I lost track of how many times he did that today, although on 2 oaccasions he managed to roll back again. It wont be long before he is rolling across the floor - this picture shows how far he got from the baby gym this evening! When he hasn't been on the floor we have put him in his bouncing chair and he has gone completely mad bouncing himself up and down with gurgles, giggles and enormous grins.
The only crafting i have done in the past two days has been to make this ATC entitled 'butterfly music'. Unfortunately the scan doesn't do it justice, although it is subtle it is much richer in reality. The background paper is K&Co and two of the corners were covered with music printed vellum. I then heat embossed in pearl gold round the edge of the ATC and a butterfly in the centre. The other two butterflys are 'dry' embossed using a pen and an embossing board, then coloured in on the back and cut out before being stuck to the card to finish it.
Isn't it lovely when you get unexpected packages through the post? I received two envelopes yesterday containing 4 ATCs. I was very happy indeed. This first one is from Angie and is a digital collage image that she has generated and then mounted onto an ATC with added fibres. I fell in love with this the moment I saw it and just had to swap with her!
The next three are all from Dawn. I love the dwarfs...she did the entire set of 7, but I decided that I couldn't be greedy and chose just these two. There is real texture and depth to these cards which is hard to see on a scan.
The final card is also from Dawn and is a lovely medallion which is decoupaged. A very beautiful card. More from me soon. In the meantime, have a happy weekend everyone.

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Momiji said...

love that digital is it done?
Alex is growing quickly and looks like he will be really tall.
been doing a spot of scrapbooking in the shape of a mini book for Lottie's grandson.its nice to try something new.....