Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Contrasting days!

Yet again I have had two very different days. Yesterday was a work day and started with a big meeting to discuss a major grant application that I am involved in. It was back to basics science and as I haven't thought about transcription pathways, binding co-efficients etc for 6 months it was quite hard work. By the end of it I was back up to speed with where our progress was and I did manage to make some sensible suggestions I feel, so that was good. I also managed to complete my review of the article which was submitted to the Internation Journal of Pathology....I have to say that the article wasn't very good as the authors were missing some major pieces of information which would have made the article of relevance to ovarian cancer. I had to make the suggestion that they resubmit it with major changes so I will probably end up reviewing it again later in the year. The evening was lovely as Alex was in a happy giggly mood and we played for an hour with me making silly noises and pulling silly faces and making him giggle. The picture above is of him in his pyjamas ready for bed being really cheeky, grinning away and sucking his thumb at the same time!
Today was a holiday and we went out to do the shopping and for a walk in between the rain showers. It was lovely to make the most of the time I had with Alex and Tim and we had a lovely gentle stroll beside the stream with Alex happily gurgling away. The picture of the squirrel was taken on full digital zoom on my camera, but the squirrel came within less than 6 feet of us while we were walking which was lovely. I have to say that Alex has been a bit more unsettled today than normal - he has been more tired, a little more grouchy and off his food a bit - I wonder whether this is the start of teething. As I sit typing this he is sat up in his bouncy chair smiling, chatting and sucking his thumb, and every time I make a funny face he giggles and goes hyper. However, I am trying to calm him down a bit so that he will actually take some food before going to bed.
This afternoon saw me managing to catch up with a little bit of crafting and I completed my three ATCs for a Christmas swap organised on the CM&PC forum. This first one used a magic motif of a Christmas Tree covered with red glitter on a Junkitz 'Tis the season' background edged with red embossing powder and finished with silver shapes.
The second one was dry a embossed parchment bauble coloured in with vellum markers and mounted onto Junkiz paper, then edged with pebeo gold, and the whole card edged with pearly gold embossing powder.
The final one was a photograph I took of the hillside near us in the snow last winter and then mounted onto red card, edged with gold glitter glue and then a stamped image of Santa and his sleigh cut out, coloured and mounted on top of the photograph. Now it just remains for me to make one final ATC for the hostess of this swap and they will be ready to send off.

It is back to work for me tomorrow, so more soon,

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