Sunday, 23 September 2007

Having a tough time

I have to say that it isn't particularly me who is having the tough time, more Tim at the moment. His main hobby is computing, and especially computing gaming, so you will understand that when he switched on his computer yesterday morning and it didn't boot up he was somewhat stressed and upset. He has since spent the whole of yesterday and today trying to get it far he has managed to load up windows and is now frantically backing up all his latest data, including his saved games so that he will be able to continue his current game where he left off. A lesson to us all in the need to backup computer data I feel. As a result of the computer stress tempers have been a little more frayed than normal meaning that it hasn't been the fun weekend I hoped for. However, Friday was lovely as Alex and I went into work and had lunch with all my friends there. He was a complete star and showed off beautifully, smiling and gurgling at everyone, before getting sleepy and chewing his hand quietly. He didn't object at all to being passed around everyone and we had a lovely time.
Yesterday we did a massive supermarket shop with Alex in his baby bjorn and we had the greatest of fun as he was wriggly and chatty and wonderful to be with. In the afternoon he played in his gym and kept turning himself over and actually managed to roll back twice. He is learning fast at the moment. Yesterday also saw me embark upon a new endeavour, a digital Christmas card. Tim is quite keen that we send everyone the same card as we have done in previous years and he liked the idea of using one of our photos of our garden in the snow and then superimposing Christmas images on top of it. Thus my challenge was to come up with a design that will be printed out and mounted onto card with a few embellishments and sent to family and friends. The above image is my first attempt, which isn't bad, but I think it needs something more to it, although I don't yet know exactly what. Any suggestions would be most welcome.
I decided that as Tim was having such a tough time that I would spend some time in the kitchen making his favourite food so we have had Pork and apple pie with mashed potatoes and peas followed by apple crumble and cream. This was really a labour of love as I wasn't in the mood for spending lots of time in the kitchen, but the food was very tasty and it made him happy so it was worth it. Today has been an organising day, so while Tim continued to try and fix his computer I have been doing the washing, washing up, emptying all the bins, vacuuming the house and playing with Alex. Alex has been so funny today with wriggling, bouncing, giggling, smiling and generally being adorable...he more than makes up for the difficulties that have been in the weekend.
The only bit of traditional crafting that I have managed to do in the past 3 days is to make a card for Sheila who is going on maternity leave at the end of the week. I was asked if I would make a card for everyone at work to sign so I have made an A5 card (I normally make A6). As Sheila knows that she is having a little girl I have made the card very pink and girly using K&Co papers, textured cream card, pink brads and pink hands and feet. The buggy is cut out using a template from PaperCraft Inspirations, and the design is based on Sketch #30 from CPS, except that I used diamonds instead of circles. I would love to hear your comments.

Back to work tomorrow, so more soon,

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Momiji said...

hi ..I love the digital card for Christmas and would love to know how you do it when you have time.I understand myself about the need to back up on the pc as I had a major prob with mine and lost all my pics and work!!
alex is getting really interesting and has a very sunny personality.
have a good week.....:)