Friday, 28 September 2007


Today has been a day of creating mess...the whole family have made different messes one way or another. Alex's lunchtime feed of fruit puree was his messiest feed so far, as was his bath as he got totally over excited and splashed and kicked no end - I was soaked at the end of it! I made mess in my crafting with doing both decoupage (the little squares from the foam stickers go everywhere) and by using flowersoft which also seems to migrate everywhere. Most unusually Tim also made mess, but his was a little more important - he attempted to fix the boiler and therefore got dust everywhere in the process. This brings me onto the other news...our boiler is on the blink. The boiler works for hot water, but the pilot light for the central heating keeps going out. We can light it again, but within an hour or so it has gone out. Tim attempted to fix this today and at time of writing it has been working for 5 hours...we have to wait and see if this is a complete or patial mend. Alex has had a slightly more fractious day than usual and we think that he may be starting to teeth as his level of drool and chewing his fists has increased as well as him having bright red cheeks. Despite that we have had a lot of fun together playing and making him giggle.

I have continued to play with my Christmas card design and have decided on this for the digital image...I may yet decide to put the angels back in, but they are drawn and all the other elements are photographic so they don't fit as well with the overall design.

The aim is to mount the photo on red or green card and then add glitter glue round the edge and to the tree as lights/baubles. This is a rough version of what the final card will look like, although the actual photograph will be brighter as this one was printed in rough on my home printer.

The other bit of crafting I did today was an ATC for Lottie based on one of her own photographs. Many of you will know her as 'The Allotment lady' and know that she loves Bantam hens. This ATC uses a picture of her original two hens called Dilly Dilly and Pumkin which I have mounted onto green card covered with skeleton leaves. I have then used flowersoft over the grass and cut out the chickens mounting them on foam to raise them up so they look like they are acually in the midst of the grass. Finally I added the little metal cockerel embellishment. I hope that she likes it!

On a final note, my mum was on TV today talking about autumn flowering bulbs on Alan Titchmarsh's new ITV show. She did really well, coming across as very enthusiastic and knowledgable and was awarded a 'National Treasure Award 2007'!!!
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Momiji said...

the digital card is lovely and a great idea.I will have to find out how to do this.
Fantastic atc for lottie..she will love it I'm sure special...