Sunday, 16 September 2007

Giggles and Ostrich Burgers

Firstly an apology for not updating this blog in the last couple of days...I have been feeling rather exhausted and lethargic. No real reason that I know of, just a bit run down I guess. On Friday Alex and I went out for lunch with Julia, one of my best friends. She is due to give birth to her second child at the beginning of October and so it was nice to spend a bit of time with her. We had lunch at Vittles and although Alex was due to have a nap he was far to interested in all that was going on to sleep, so he entertained us by gurgling away the whole time. Yesterday we went out for a family walk to the local shops to post a parcel to friends and came back with a very yummy lunch of fresh meat and salad sandwiches and carrot cake.
At breakfast today Alex had us in hysterics as for some reason he was finding everything hillarious and kept giggling non-stop, and he has continued in a very happy frame of mind all day which has been great. He has been chattering, gurgling, beaming, smiling and giggling for almost all the time he has been awake, which has been so lovely to see and be on the receiving end of. Today was the Whirlow Hall Farm Fayre so we made a special effort to head out to it, despite the fact that Tim wasn't feeling very well. I loved seeing the horses and dogs and Tim loved the food! It is hard to say what Alex especially loved as he was smiling at everything! I took him on the tea-cups ride with a request that the man didn't spin us round too much and he seemed to enjoy it...not really my thing as I feel a bit sick when spun round too much.
Alex and I setting out on the tea-cups ride, smiles all round from him
The arena and food tent in the distance (Tim's hand holding an Ostrich burger is in the foreground!)

I have to say that Tim and I pigged ourselves...we had vegetable semosa's and indian spring rolls, Ostrich burgers, brie and french bread, melon, fudge, mince pies and fresh donuts. Ostrich burgers are really unusual, but very tasty, not at all like chicken...a sort of cross between pork and beef. I recommend them highly. I feel totally full now and don't really want any tea, although we are going to have some very unusual bread (bought today) with soup so it shouldn't be too filling.
This afternoon, while Tim slept, Alex was lying on his baby gym and kept rolling over and getting stuck meaning that I kept having to stop my crafting to turn him back over. Despite that I managed to complete the challenge for Wednesday Stamper which was to make an ATC tryptic. Mine was based on an Oriental theme with the background card of bamboo shoots stamped over with the Chinese lettering for 'summer' in green. I then cut out a decoupage geisha girl for the central panel and two fans for the side panels to generate a fairly simple, but (I hope) sophisticated tryptic.
I haven't really had much energy for crafting over the past few days so the only other creation was an ATC using the same bamboo background card and my Chinese Dragon stamped in dark green onto white mulberry paper and then edged with gold. Finally I wrote Chinese symbols in the corners in gold.
It is back to work for me tomorrow so I will update with more when I have the chance.


Sandy said...

Wow a fantastic Tryptich. Great work.

Angelswings_2 said...

Wonderful tryptic.... a stunning combination