Friday 7 September 2007

Granny and Grandpa Pete come to call

Well, I haven't had as much time/energy for crafting over the past couple of days as Alex has still not been very well and therefore needing more attention, and I haven't been sleeping well, only managing about 3-4 hours sleep a night. I am probably not sleeping due to worrying about going back to work and about how Alex and Tim will cope. I am sure they will be fine, but it is hard to keep a clear perspective on things sometimes. As a result I feel a bit like a zombie. Yesterday we had a visit from Tim's parents which was lovely as they haven't seen Alex for about 6 weeks and he has changed so much in that time. He was on good form, chatting, yelling, wriggling, giggling and generally being very entertaining. Pete and Kath both reckon that Alex is looking more like me than he used to, especially with his big blue eyes and cute little mouth. It was lovely to see them and chat about their plans to move to Sheffield and I really hope that things come together for them soon and their house sale goes OK.
Today was a more gentle day, with shopping in the morning, a gentle walk in the park this afternoon, making the most of the sun and time for a bit of crafting. Yesterday I made this necklace for Kath for her very belated birthday present and she loved it and asked for a matching bracelet for Christmas! It is hard to see the colours in this picture but they are rust reds, deep yellows and greens.
I have also been experimenting with ink effects with mixed sucess. This card is the first one i have made with a green and yellow background. It is a complete change from my usual style of card, but I am quite pleased with the effect. I am going to spend some time messing with this idea and trying out different stamping styles on top of the background to generate different style cards as I really like this. I will also make some ATCs using this technique. More soon.

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Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS photos - something to treasure and lovely cratwork too.